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Concerts International Hornfestival 2019

Also apart from the official concerts during the festival the horn sound will be heard throughout  Sarnen. Let yourself be surprised….
On Sunday, as every year, there will be the final concert of the horn festival. At the same time all the participants will show their skills in a varied concert program with pieces in various styles. As a special highlight, to hear for the first time on Saturday  there will be the newly formed Festival Orchestra. Under the direction of Philippe Bach the Symphony Orchestra of the International Horn Festival  plays the best works from various epochs of the horn history. As soloists the tutors of the Horn festivals will be heard. 
On Friday there is the traditional gig of the Horn Group Obwalden under the direction of Markus Michel, which will be presented by the tutor’s support, to show  the best arrangements for horn ensembles of various sizes. 
Unforgettable concerts will be played  again  during 4 days at the 12th International Horn Festival in Obwalden.
Concerts 12th International Horn festival:

Thursday, 30.05.2019 20:00h
Horngruppe Obwalden with friends

Friday, 31.05.2019 20:00h

Saturday, 01.06.2019, 20:00h
Sinfonisches Konzert
with the International Hornfestival Symphony Orchestra.
Soloists: Radovan Vlatkovic, Stefan Dohr, Richard Watkins, Lukas Christinat, Florian Abächerli.

Conductor: Philippe Bach

Sunday, 02.06.2019 13:00h
Closing Concert International Horn Festival 2019

Members of the Horn Festival, Horngruppe Obwalden





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12. Internationales Hornfestival Sarnen

30. Mai 2019 - 02. Juni 2019

Mit Radovan Vlatkovic, Stefan Dohr, Richard Watkins, Florian Abächerli, Stephan Bühlmann und Lukas Christinat.